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HHS Corn Head Deck Plates are now available for John Deere corn heads.
We all know is not about advertising, but about farmers getting together to give their own insights on products, ideas, etc. Because of this, I rarely try to advertise here. However, HHS is about helping farmers with harvesting problems, and we all know that down corn can be a major headache. has come up with special “Down Corn or Twin Row” Deck Plates (patent pending).
We’ve tested these deck plates on several independent Lexion, Deere, and CaseIH corn heads during the past two years. While not affecting regular standing corn, we’ve found the performance of these deck plates in down and tough-feeding corn has been exceptional. This design also performs great in twin row corn as well.
The hairpinning of stalks on the end rows has been virtually eliminated. On the majority of our test machines, our customers did not have to install their reels. There was simply that much of a difference. If you’re skeptical, I suggest trying these deck plates on just 4 rows of the head. Put them on the outside rows and see the difference for yourself! See the difference at
Quality is very important to us at HHS. You can be assured the quality of these deck plates match the high quality of the rest of our HHSparts product line: APS grates, Impeller wear kits, sprockets, etc.)
Check out our website for the performance video and testimonials at, and click on deck plates under the products tab.
Thank you!
Jeremy Hurt
Owner, HHS
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