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Our TX66 has done around 1000 hrs. The original drum belt was made in Belgium and had developed deep cracks. We replaced it with what appeared to be a genuine CNH belt with the correct part number 84817640. It was made in India It had a CNH logo on it but it was a different font to some CNH logos. The ribs on the outside of the belt were smaller and closer together than on the original Belgium belt.

We fitted it before our season and started work. We soon found we needed to adjust belt tension as the belt was slipping. We had to adjust tension several times. On a couple of occasions we had to crank up the nut on the tension spring six whole turns. After about 40 hours work we got sick of adjusting it and measured the belt length and compared it to the original belt. It had stretched over 30 millimetres.

We got the guy who supplied it to replace it. We now have a belt with part number 84817640W made in France. The ribbing on the outside of this belt is the same as the Belgium belt. After 30 hours work and the expected initial settling in it has not needed adjusting and seems perfect.

What's with the Indian belts? Has anyone else had problems?
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