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I picked up a 60 ton kingsland mechanical iron worker this past summer. It's been converted to electric control at some time in its life. I had to switch it over to single phase so I could use it in my shop.
I have built calf shelters out of drill stem for sale in the past and one of the most time consuming parts was making about 40 tabs from 1/4" flat iron 4x4" square with two holes for attaching 2x8s for the tin exterior.
Using a chop saw and drill press took an incredibly long time!

Any way, I just got the iron worker up and running today and this thing it's just awesome! The potential time saving over chop saw and drill press is obvious!

I got this machine at auction with no manuals, is there any chance anyone has info on this machine, manuals or how it's supposed to be configured.

Also, let us know what big boy toys you like to play with at home or in the shop!


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