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Ran into a couple of issues while trying to boundary my fields and waterways the past few days. I'm currently running a Case IH Pro 700 with Case IH 372 receiver and using DigiFarm cellular RTK corrections. I had the unit mounted to a Polaris Ranger UTV and went about mapping my boundaries without issue (after a mild runaround setting the thing up). My problem is twofold, and I'm thinking possibly somehow related.

First, when mapping a field, if any part of the waterway I trace goes beyond an exterior or "Outer" boundary, it won't show up on my Pro 700. It shows up as a name to delete, but the actual outline won't show up on the map and delete the acres from the field total. So, in figuring this out, I proceeded to map as many fields as possible avoiding this issue by mapping a field with a waterway or ditch down the middle as two separate "Outer" boundaries. It works, I know, but not the correct way to do it, in my opinion. I'm coming from John Deere systems where mapping was extraordinarily easy and intuitive.

This issue leads me to believe it may be causing a larger issue. I finally finished mapping all of my fields today, and upon checking them on my Pro 700, had all waterways and boundaries I logged on the screen and intact. When transferring to SMS, I received a "Processing Error" and upon looking at my maps, both in the preview window and in the larger version when selecting "Create New Map", I no longer have any waterway or "Inner" boundary that in any way touched an "Outer" boundary. This "Processing Error" listed 42 separate and associated files (I'm assuming that means I have 42 waterways not registering).

Long story short, has anyone encountered anything like this, or have any suggestions? I'm already torqued enough at the operating system, software, support, and pretty much everything except the DigiFarm RTK that I'm wishing I hadn't switched out of green. I definitely don't want to have to redo all the boundaries as this is a VERY time consuming process and is what warranted the RTK to begin with (I've been doing them every year since we were on SF1). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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