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Brown Box question.

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My 9660 came with the original old Brown Box system and it actually works very well. However, mine has developed a rather annoying issue over the last few days.
Every time I restart the combine after it was shut down, for whatever reason, the Greenstar shows a ridiculous yield. Let's say I shut down in the evening, or even during the day and the yield shows 12 tons/ha average, it will show something like 70 tons/ha when I start up again. Ironically, it's only the weight that changes and not the area that was harvested.
I now write down and then clear the field totals every time before I shut down and then calculate each fields' total yield afterwards.
Anybody experienced this or know where the problem might lie?
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I have found that's usually a mass flow sensor on its way out. Or the pad is worn and grain is hitting the sensor block directly sometimes upsetting things.

And or we have had Brown bricks throw random tantrums like this when turned off. Never really found a cause or a fix. I Just ignore it unless mapping.

Upon start up check that the yield sensor settings are still on normal flow, ( cal factor default 650). Sometimes had it change itself to low flow, which is for stuff like Lucerne or grass seed. When you do grain on this setting you can get some crazy readings.

Also check, clean and spray some good electrical grease or silicone spray on the moisture sensor plug. Any bad connection in that multi pin plug can give you grief as its part of that whole system of components talking to one another with harvest doc info. If your machine lives its life in the big blue shed, water and moisture can sometimes get in that plug.
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