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Brown Box question.

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My 9660 came with the original old Brown Box system and it actually works very well. However, mine has developed a rather annoying issue over the last few days.
Every time I restart the combine after it was shut down, for whatever reason, the Greenstar shows a ridiculous yield. Let's say I shut down in the evening, or even during the day and the yield shows 12 tons/ha average, it will show something like 70 tons/ha when I start up again. Ironically, it's only the weight that changes and not the area that was harvested.
I now write down and then clear the field totals every time before I shut down and then calculate each fields' total yield afterwards.
Anybody experienced this or know where the problem might lie?
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Good point, thanks. I did specify hectares in the initial setup, but will confirm that it is indeed saved and used for each field.
The other interesting thing is that whenever the yield is wrongly increased, the total weight shown in the field totals page is always 174000 kg odd, regardless of the area harvested?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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