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bu/hr 9670?

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Just curious how far you can push a 9670 in 18% corn according to the monitor as far as bu/hr. We haven't shelled much but I have pushed it to 3000+ and the loss seems minimal.
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79 bu/min is what the max that the clean grain elevator can handle, according to what i found in deere.
that would equate to 4740 bu/hr. of coarse, this is best case conditions
I've seen it up to nearly 4,200 bu/hr when things are going great and the corn is dry. However probably gonna average more around the mid 3's. Thats my experience anyhow..
the boss's 9770 set up for corn will do 4,000-4,500 bph with a 16 row gehringhoff head. not sure what the 9670's run.
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