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Bullydog Powerpunch

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I have an 01 9750, and I just bought the bullydog powerpunch control module. The instructions say it will work on a 9750 but they only tell how to install on a tractor. The plug on the fuel pump is different than the bullydog but i found a plug that is the same back by the group of solenoids on the back panel of the combine. It is a single plug that is not plugged into anything but looks like the wires run to the pump. The only problem here is there is nowhere to plug the other half of the bullydog into. Has anyone had any experience with this it is a bullydog powerpunch #40602 supposed to fit a boschpump
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you have wrong module they make one for the electronic govenor and one for the common rail injection your bullydog dealer and tell him what the plug by the pump looks like.sounds like you have the mod with the flat plug for the 9610 I have two of these units mysely and love them.recomend a pyro gauge from bullydog as well
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