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Bushels per hour 2377&2388

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I was just doing some quick figuring on the bushel output of my 2377 and 2388 with the 6 and 8 row corn heads in 170 bpa corn. Harvesting at 4.8 mph (my ave. mph last fall app.)with the 6 row the 2377 is running at about 1480 BPA and the 2388 with an 8 row would be running at about 1970. Both elevators are set on the slow speed, I have never run high speed, now if both machines are rated for 3000 BPA is that when the elevators are set on the high speed, if so, then what is the elevator capacity on the slow speed which I always use? It has always worked fine on slow speed for all the corn wheat and soybeans I cut, but am I getting close to maxing the elevators with those kind of bushels per acre at 4.5-5 mph on the slow speed?
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Have never been able to find the BPH on the slow sprocket, but I did check the RPM one time on the elevator. I don't remember the difference between the 2 sprockets but it was not nearly as much as I thought it would be. There is actually very little difference in diameter between these 2 sprockets which does mean little difference in elevator speeds. If I can remember where I found the elevator RPM's I will post them.
I searched the owners manual this morning and found that the high speed is 511 rpm and the slow speed is 432rpm so if I figure correctly there is app. a 15% difference. So if high speed is rated at 3000 BPA then we can assume that slow speed is 15% less and in the area of 2550 BPA......
Thanks ayars660,
always wondered about high speed elevator,I never change because we switch from beans to corn at least 15 times per fall. The highest I get the monitor to read is 2600bph, that is max for our peterson sieve, and can only spike that high in dry corn without putting out the back(peterson sieve does not work to good in high moisture corn) I,m glad you put out the #s Now I know I'll never have to switch.We run a 2377 with a 2208. most fields we run 2cd gear 4wd highspeed hydro stick all the way ahead 5. to 5.5 mph, this year thats about 1600bph to 2200 bph (we don't get real high yields normally)
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