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Cage Sweep Removed on N7 Problems

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Hi - I recently purchased a late model series III N7 and am very happy with the condition at only 1531 separator hours. However, the cage sweep was removed and have been told this is common. I was starting to be dirty behind the machine and couldn't get it clean. The next day when I was servicing I opened up the doors ahead of the engine and the cage was packed extremely full of chaff and straw. What do I do to keep this from happening with no cage sweep?
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We never removed any cage sweeps prior to shimming helicals by 1/4" along with green stem kit. Lately we have only been providing channel helical package. We have fine tuned the last couple helical packages with a couple steeper pitch channel helical. Just like Krawler suggested it is first important to prevent busting up crop prior chopper. We got by with all cage covers removed except one on each side of left concave arm and far right one next to right concave arm. We cut the ones imediately behind concave in a triangle shape (longer side next to concave arms). One step beyond this was to build a tin wall upward from left concave arm to area just beyond crown of cage. This helps prevent material from hanging over left concave arm area and eventially plugging a large area. We fastened the tin wall to the bolts holding thresher and seperator cage together. Hope this helps
Looks to be right about $2000 for channel helicals the way I fixed up the last guy. I believe he got the parts to make a four paddle discharge as well. I agree with position of loss monitor. If material bridges like it will on crown of cage this could block material from monitor pad (wouldn't be hard to move it). R60-70s with P3 had monitor pad moved over to area just ahead of discharge paddles. I think you could extend the cable type wires with normal wire if you want to move the pad.
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