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Cage Sweep Removed on N7 Problems

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Hi - I recently purchased a late model series III N7 and am very happy with the condition at only 1531 separator hours. However, the cage sweep was removed and have been told this is common. I was starting to be dirty behind the machine and couldn't get it clean. The next day when I was servicing I opened up the doors ahead of the engine and the cage was packed extremely full of chaff and straw. What do I do to keep this from happening with no cage sweep?
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Hi, this is our experiences with the cage sweep in a series III N7 in Australian conditions. In wheat and other tough straw we often ran the cage overs on the far left hand side to stop jamming but sometimes we disconected the cage sweep in green beans or such. In this case the back of the cage did fill up quickly with trash but this did not seem to affect the machine's performance. Every few days we would clean the area out.
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