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Cage Sweep Removed on N7 Problems

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Hi - I recently purchased a late model series III N7 and am very happy with the condition at only 1531 separator hours. However, the cage sweep was removed and have been told this is common. I was starting to be dirty behind the machine and couldn't get it clean. The next day when I was servicing I opened up the doors ahead of the engine and the cage was packed extremely full of chaff and straw. What do I do to keep this from happening with no cage sweep?
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Hello, I had the same thing happen to me after removing the cage sweep on R70 w/P1 processor. From my experience the straw was bridging across the narrow sections on top of cage packing rather tightly across this area. I run an enclosed St. John rotor which is really smooth until the straw builds up in this area. Then rotor was not quite as smooth after harvesting around 1500 acres straw would be packed up there. I was tired of cleaning this area out so I fabricated some rotor cage covers for this narrow area. I ended up making 4 rotor cover plates in order for straw not to build up. This years wheat harvest was first trial run with this setup and it was definitely a success. Rotor ran smooth as straw build up was no longer a problem. The covers worked very well in eliminating build up in this area. Wheat yielded anywhere from 35-70 bushels with lots of straw. So it was a good year to have these covers. I will just leave them on for all crops, for very little cage area is lost and no capacity was lost.
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