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Cage Sweep Removed on N7 Problems

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Hi - I recently purchased a late model series III N7 and am very happy with the condition at only 1531 separator hours. However, the cage sweep was removed and have been told this is common. I was starting to be dirty behind the machine and couldn't get it clean. The next day when I was servicing I opened up the doors ahead of the engine and the cage was packed extremely full of chaff and straw. What do I do to keep this from happening with no cage sweep?
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I fitted broom type sweeps( Off Truck Mud guards for rain splash) On to cage sweep arms. Worked well in Barley without covers. Needed some covers in wheat. Kept top of cage clean.This Australian conditions
nddan how much for your channel kit. I have R70 P1. I have .25" spaced flat helicals.Steeped pitch. Just fitted rasp bar 7 o'clock in separator and took out 2 bottom rows of bars in Separator.Have now no reverse bars. Only strip cereals with some rotor loss in Barley.I'm in NSW Australia and I think we have easy harvesting conditions. I feel loss monitor pad is fitted in the wrong place? As it doesn't show up much.Yes it does work. Thanks
nddan I will get you to order a channel Helical kit. Does that extend into discharge araa. I have 4 paddles. Moving monitor pad is easy. Do I contact you at Hurtt Mach
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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