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CaIh head to NH combine

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Looking at buying a 3020 caseih platform to put on a NH CR 940 combine. Is there any issue and will it work both run 5 volts. Sensor are same part #s are same on the NH 740CF. Can’t get straight answer from multiple dealers on both sides. Any info helpfull
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Replied on the CIH thread. NO, your CR940 uses the Bosch 10V AHC system. (no CR9x0 series combine had the later 5V system - 90x0 & up only.) It only accepts 2 sensors - and requires a signal voltage from 2.5 to 7.5V. The header has (4) 5V sensors, 1-4V signal.

There are ways to "tweak" the system on the head - you have to move connectors to just use 2 of the sensors, and then move linkages to limit the stroke. You will likely constantly be fighting "out of range" errors. Or, buy a conversion from Headsight to convert the header sensors to your combine.
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