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can a 7088 run a 12 row Geringhoff Roto Disc?

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How much have they changed the header drive on these machines? is it beefed up enough to handle a 12 row roto disc head? i have a 7088 coming for next year, prob gonna run an 8 row for a year or two but could one day want to run a 12. Our corn is SUPER dry at harvest, usually 12% or less...
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In my area their's some 2399's running with 12 row fold ables and handles them real well. The 99;s are T3 machines, and the 7088 will surely be T3 (T3 = 12 row ready)
I ran a 12 row 38" drago on a 7120 this year and in good corn it was a little light on horsepower.
Maybe in wet corn, but definitely not in 12% moist, the 99's limit is sieve area and not engine power, in dry corn the chopping head don't require much more power, in wet corn ja its a much different story
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