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I was wondering that too, if some of the damage is Lygus bugs but usually the damage isn't as long in a section but then that would depend on the number of bugs hammering the crop. Go out in the crop and open up pods and if you see seeds that are dried right up in the pod and probably look brown or black in whats left of it and with sometimes little damage showing on the outside of the pod in that area, then Lygus could be a culprit. It can be a rude surprise with Lygus, not think the crop has sustained much damage until pods are opened and get the surprise on the inside. Other wise though I tend to think its a worm, Bertha or some other type that is stripping the outside of the pod and all the way through in some spots.

If you have a sweep net run that through your crop a number of times and see what types of critters it catches and also shake down a spot of canola plants in front of you and then get down on your knees and look at the ground and see what you see, worms curled up on the ground or other bugs running around.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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