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Carbon Cab Air Filter for 1997 Tyler Patriot

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Asking a question here for my boss. We are looking for a Carbon air filter for a 1997 Tyler Patriot 150. It is a 26 1/8 by 6 by 2 3/16 inch filter. Rocky Mountain Equipment figures it is worth $600 some. You could say we disagree! Little Morden can get it for around $150 less, but we are still looking for a better option. Anyone got ideas where else to look? Piston Ring and NAPA don't have anything of that size. I've looked elsewhere online and haven't had luck so far finding something the right size. Does anyone have a suggestion where to look to find filters by size? I'm running out of ideas, and am wondering if anyone else has found a good place to get such filters. Thanks!
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Have you tried Clean Air in Wpg?
No, we haven't, I'll check with them.

Torriem, I agree, $150 would be a reasonable price, but LMS is $150 less then RME, not $150 total. So around $450 from LMS, and $600 some at RME.
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Thanks for all the responses guys! Will definitely be checking that out. Kinda busy planting now, but will try to remember to do it when I have a moment.
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