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Case 2388 Rotor Quits Working

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I am operating a 2388 Combine and the rotor just quits, the belts and pulleys on engine are running when you engage seperator, we have also adjusted the gear lever outside cab to low, it will run in low only! Medium and High are gone!

Any suggestions?

We are cutting soybeans here in Central Illinois.


PS. Rotor is not plugged we found that much out!
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try shifting the rotor in the back with the leverthat`s under the pto belt it sometimes siezes and you think you`ve shifted when you have`nt this lever can be taken off and loosened up with a torch heating. if your `88 is an 03 and newer this problem is common. try this before pulling the rotor gearbox
If that don't work what do suspect could be wrong, Central Illinois Ag Is going to be coming out in the morning!
well if 2nd and 3rd can`t be found either a shifting fork is broke or the teeth have busted on the gears it`s a typical transmission so it will be typical problems but first see if you are getting it in gear
Well the rotor belts on the engine are spinning when you engage the seperator, but once you take the panels off on the side, you will see the rotor is not engaging.

So right outside the cab in that box is the lever for Low, Medium, and High, Well High, and medium is gone! We can only use low.

what should we do?

I'm sorry I did'nt understand your last reply! I understand what your saying now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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