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I recently bought a 97 9350 case, 24 speed, 6000 hours. Farmer owned but worked hard. I know nothing on the history of it.

Problem 1 - Shifting into 1 or R is hard. Ive read these transmissions are hard to shift, ive also read maybe change the cables/adjust them. Doesn't matter if tractor is running/moving, or anything its just harder to move the shifter into those gears. Any other advice on this?

Problem 2 - When tractor is started I can put both shift levers into gear, let the clutch out and it will not move. Seams like the clutch is fully engaged? The clutch packs are not engaging. If I slowly push the shifter into gear the gears in the tranny are slowly turning, I can feel them grind slightly and the shifter will roll into gear. The tractor will still not move (will rock very slightly when clutch rapidly pushed in and out) . After about 15-30 mins the transmission will start working fine, clutch works, all gears work. Operates fine until I shut it off. Any ideas?

To me it seams there is a pump or pressure system that is not getting pressurized, or primed, once it has prime it works fine. Until it is shut off and then whatever system (my guess is clutch) looses prime then needs to wait to build back pressure/prime.

Also reverse/first being on the top of the transmission near the clutch could the two problems be related? Lubrication/trans pressure related?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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