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Hi all,

First, I want to introduce myself a little bit to explain why I post here: I am a veterinarian in Austria, and one of my clients recently bought the only 4494 (about 3500 hrs) that was sold here. He figures since I used to live in California for a while, and have a farming background, I am the one to turn to about his new rig ...

The problem: in every one of the four ranges, the tractor comes to an immediate halt if he steps on the clutch pedal and presses it to the bottom in position TWO of the power shift. He said it seems that the transmission locks up.

He gave me the manual to read, and if I understand it properly, this should not happen, and the power shift lever should move back to position one if the clutch pedal is pressed fully due to a magnetic switch/trigger there.

My thoughts: since he is not supposed to press the clutch pedal while shifting, could this be a sort of hill-holder function? Or is maybe a problem with one of the sensors in that area?

Any thoughts are highly appreciated!

Greetings from Vienna, Austria

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