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case 580 quadtrac dpf delete

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im wondering if anyone has had issues with a tier4 case dpf plugging after delete
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No ag FPT engine has a Diesel Particulate Filter to plug.

Do you mean the SCR catalyzer canister? I guess it could theoretically plug up, but that's highly unlikely. There's not much to it except baffles and SCR nozzles. As I said, Case engines don't have any filters because they don't need them. They are already soot free because of the higher exhaust and combustion temperatures they run at (which increases efficiency compared to EGR) and just use SCR to treat the NOx (which is odorless). Other than potentially destroying the DEF injectors, I can't think of any problems in just leaving the canister alone, although the Tier 4F canister is huge on the tractors and would sure look better replaced with a muffler.

Truck engines are a very different story. I don't know of any truck engine that does not do EGR with DPF and SCR today. So if you delete, it is essential to remove the DPF (which is probably integrated with the SCR canister) entirely. One thing you'll notice is a deleted Tier 4 truck engine will smoke you out in the shop because it's quite dirty without the filtering, but a deleted Case engine won't (although the NOx isn't all that good for the lungs either long term).
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On CNH Tier 4A engines you can delete DEF simply by unplugging the dosing module's relay or fuse, and plugging in a module to the diagnostic port. Some people call it a puck.
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