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I think it's pretty critical that the rims get torqued to the proper spec, and then they have to be checked periodically. I sometimes wonder how often that really happens, especially when some owners don't have the tools required to achieve the very high torque required. We checked out 8120 this summer after running a few hundred acres....and they had loosed up! Since we pull duals every week (or other week) on wheat harvest we see that indeed, they can loosed up. I wonder how many of these cracked rims are directly due to not following the torque guidelines. With the weights of these machines now (especially Deere) its more important than ever. Also makes you wonder if sometimes the rims truly get mounted flush to one another from the get go.....a few millimeters off probably is pretty tough on the hardware, and some fail.
Is the wheel removal for transport reasons fj?

If so and add two threads currently running on wheel problems gives me an even greater appreciation for tracks.
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