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Case 8010 Rims

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Case 8010 dual rims cracking between stud holes, mainly inside rim on either side, any other operators having problems. What have you done to overcome problem.
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We had a problem like this with a 2188. All the 2188's with 38" duals hopper extensions, and big heads were cracking rims and breaking lug bolts. CaseIH even redesigned the lug bolts, and had the rims made stronger. They replaced 2 sets of our 38" rims(8 rims) out of warranty, and I don't know how many lug bolts. I finally convinced them to go to 42" rims, and it stopped. No more problems. The biggest thing is to make sure the combine sets level. That way it evenly distributes the weight. I have had no problems out of our 8010 though. I will be checking more often now though. A couple of questions for you.....

What year 8010?
What size headers?
What size duals?
Does the machine set level?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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