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Case IH 2188

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Need some advice,currently have a Gleaner R62 1992 model. Live in a area where the Agco dealers are getting farther away ( 50 miles) all the time for parts and repairs. I can go 6 miles to my IH dealer. So I have found a 1996 2188 ,2100 sep. hours,AFX rotor,fieldtracker. I know nothing about Axialflow combines being a Gleaner man for 20 years. Whats your opinion on a 2188 and what should I be looking for on this machine? Thanks.
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On the 2188, check if the bushings on the shaker have been replaced recently. Also you will want to take off the half moon cover above the feeder house and inspect the transition cone and AFX fighting for wear. Wear on the cone is about 1500 to replace with aftermarket and ALOT of work. Check all of the auger fighting everywhere, and general condition of belts, pulleys and chains. Run the separator and check for weird noises and excess vibration, so shaking back and forth from the sieve system is normal but the rotor should be balanced well enough that it doesn't vibrate much. On the torque sensing rotor drive pulley you should replace the spring right away with the heavy duty unit ($43), be careful not to take your leg off in the process
You will like the capacity in fall crops, from the gleaner guys I have talked to you will gain capacity in beans and milo. Wheat will probably be a wash. If you find you want more HP you can turn up the pump, or do like I did and send your injectors off for extrude honing. The nice thing about the honing is you are actually feeding less fuel per HP, we saw about a 10% decrease per hour with a 20% increase in capacity, all for $300. That's all I can think of, you will like the cab better too.
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Thats the stuff I need to know! Thanks ffboy. Forgot to mention we are all Corn /Soybeans . What is the HP and grain tank capacity on a 2188 ? Dealer said 290 - 300 with flap tank extensions. My R62 is big in both areas.Also has anyone put a chopping cornhead on this model?
With the maurer extensions they claim 300 bu...its more like 285-290, but you can put the tip ups on and get 350, you will definately want to put a bubble up auger on if you do this though. HP is rated at 260, ours is easily at 335. There are heavy duty feeder drives available, don't know if you would need it with a chopping head. We only have run wheat and milo and this will be our first year with soybeans. Glad I could help. You can call me after 6pm on 785 798 5393, and I can give you some more ins and outs, and a guide to aftermarket parts.
So what all did you do to get 335hp out of your 2188 and did you need to upgrade anything after you did so?
Pretty simple to bring the horsepower up on them. Sent the injectors to Dynomite Diesel, they extrude honed, pop off tested and flow tested them for $50/each. Thats it. I asked for 50hp but they said with the size of the engine it would probably be 75hp minimum. The nice thing about doing it that way vs turning up the pump is the EGT goes down as does fuel flow. Thinking on adding a bigger aircleaner for the increased air the engine is moving.
I just called Dynomite Diesel to get my injectors done for my 2377, the price is now up to $100 per injector.
does your 2377 have electronic injection, could explain the price difference... or maybe the price went up. I would buy them again, even at 600. Its also a good idea to put the high tension torque sensing spring in at the same time.
I have on 05 2377 with mechanical pump, I'm thinking the price went up.
We had our pump checked and turned up a couple years ago, as we had to put new injectors in. Yes, it likes the fuel a bit more now. I'm not sure on the hp gain, but it is very noticeable. What would happen if we had our injectors honed? Have to turn the pump down too? We run a 30' 2162, and a 1083 for corn. Just got done putting 18.4R 26 on the rear and sliding everything apart.
For us the injector hone increase HP and decreased fuel usage. It could bring your fuel burn back to stock, with considerable more HP.
been running an 8 row Drago chopping head on my machine for
3 yrs gets a little short on power in excellent corn
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