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Case IH 8500 packer tires

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Have to replace all 45 packer tires on my 8500 drill is there a trick on doing these or is it just pry and pull till they fall on is there a easy way Thanks
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I had a friend do a JD 1820 with rubber press. He rigged up a hot water heater to a small water tank, got the water good and hot and threw in a few packer caps at a time to be heated up. He said once warmed up good the caps went right on without a fight. Might be worth a try......
Kind of crude, but something I made up about 15 years ago and has installed a lot of tires. I clamp the 2x4 tubing in a vise, mount bare wheel and then drop on flat wheel assembly. The radius to outside of flat wheel is about 1/2" greater than packer wheel. Use rubber mallet to tap tire down as wheel assy is turned. A little tire lube and it takes seconds to install tire.


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