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Case IH chopper

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I have run Case IH machines since 1990 starting with 1680s and now run 8010 and 2588. I harvest for a large farmer in South Dakota and with the volume of acres he also has a crew with Deeres.
The question I have is why do the Deeres absolutely disintergrate the wheat straw with their choppers. The job they do is very impressive compared to the 8010 and 2588s.
Even with the fine cut chopper offered by Case, the Deeres have a big advantage.
Just curious because in a no-till operation like he has residue management is crucial to his farm. Year after year he grows outstanding crops, and I was wondering if there was a way to get the Case to destroy the straw like a John Deere. Thanks.
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redekop makes an external chopper for the axial flows that would be everything you want...and more! Not for the 8010, however.
I don't know if you could mount "disrupters" on your rotor cage on your 8010 to chew up the straw more nor do I know if it would help chew up the straw. But that is about the only idea I have that might help you.

I see for the 7120 model combine they offer 3 options for the chopper.

Standard............28 knives.

Fine cut.............56 knives.

MagnaCut.........63 knives.

On the 8120 and 9120 models:

Standard cut ......28 knives.

Fine cut..............56 knives.

MagnaCut..........126 knives.......that's what the CIH machine builder web site says. For anyone wanting to check it out on the web site, click on the "rotor discharge" option.
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the magnacut chopper is the best chopper I have ever seen. Way better than our lexions redekop.
My dealer installed one on a 8010 in Oregon so they do make them, I even have pictures of it.

Ah yes, I do see it now. Them and not having a diagram on the site. But its there.

mb farmer, does the magnacut spread as well as a MAV, or just chop finer?
Big block ford 390 I would like contact info on your dealer. I'm trying to get the spreaders off a 8010 to mount on my older combine so it can spread like my 8010. If they put the redekop on a 8010 they took off the 8010 spreader and may sell it t me. [email protected]
Magnacut 126 blade chopper will make dry straw into dry straw powder. It eats hp though, especially in high speed with a lot of straw.
Does the Redekop chopper use hydraulics to turn their chopper drum on the 8010 or does it add another belt? we had Redekop choppers on our 2188's and like them, but smoked a lot of belts. Just curious if they have fixed that or just tied into Case IH hydraulic drives.
The magnacut chops the straw a lot finer than ours but doesn't spread it as far. 35' at the most I would say. Our redekops will spread the full 42 on a perfectly calm day. If I could pick I would take the redekop during the day and the case at night. Ours in tough straw at night is where it gets worse. Both use a lot of hp.
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