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Case IH Specs

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I just bought a 1988 1640 Case IH. I'm looking at a bean head and am wondering what is the biggest size I could put on it. I've heard alot of people tell me to go with the 17.5ft 1020. I can't seem to find one in decent shape anywhere. i've found a bunch of 1020 20ft all over the place. Would my combine be able to handle that big of a head? I sure hope so, its looking very grim for a 17.5ft.
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We ran a 20' 820 head in beans on a 1440 for over 25 years. You won't break any speed records but you won't have to worry about strippin the beans because of speed.
I'm in Middle Tennessee just south of Nashville. I think the reason most run a 17.5 is we have smaller fields and its more of a hassel to deal with the 20ft. head. I just can't seem to find a reasonble deal on one. Looking like we'll be going with a 20ft.
have you bought a head yet? i may know where some are at near you.
We sure did, my brother is picking it up today. We got a good looking 20ft. 1020. I think we're about ready to start cutting our wheat. i'm ready to get in the field and try and make some money!
Thanks for the help guys.
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