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I have Mxm 120 with no working front suspension.
I am able to calibrate via the diagnostic plug. The suspension goes up and down successfully.
It returns to mid position and completes.
However after turning the tractor off to store the calibration the suspension slowly returns to its stops and remains there.
I believe poteniometer works and so does the suspension unit on the side of the gearbox. I think it may be software related.
I have found a guide on this website however for a MXM 190 with no working suspension with very similar issues.
I had nothing to loose so I read through the guide for turning the suspension off and on again, through the HJ menu however now that it is off I cannot turn it back on again. Does anyone know of how to turn the suspension on again on a 120 as I think the process must be slightly different than the 190. Is there a different menu to go through?
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