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Case Ready Stock Program?

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Anyone do this program i asked my dealer about it a whlie back and he just kinda looked at me funny...

how much stuff does it cover for a combine and ect....

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I searched and this is what I found. Just released today.$605

CNH Parts & Service Announces Ready Stock Program

CNH Parts & Service announced today the launch of its new Ready Stock Parts Supply Locker program. The program enables Case, Case IH, New Holland, New Holland Construction and Kobelco dealers to place, stock and sell parts at their customers' place of business. Dealers simply provide customers with a fully stocked Parts Supply Locker and replenish parts at scheduled intervals and bill their customers based on parts usage.

"The Ready Stock Parts Supply Locker program is about fulfilling our customers' parts needs by placing an inventory of parts right at their fingertips," said Jeff Lombardi, director of marketing for CNH Parts & Service. "The Ready Stock Parts Supply Locker program allows our customers to save time and—given rising input costs these days—money."

Benefits to customers in most cases include: no up-front costs -- customers only pay for the parts they use; parts are conveniently available when customers need them and are stocked by the dealer and customized based on each individual customer's specific needs; and because parts are regularly updated by the dealer, obsolete inventory is avoided.

"It's all part of our continuing commitment to our customers' success," added Lombardi, "By having seasonal, fast wearing and other important parts right at their place of business, our customers gain a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace."
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I'm curious how viable a program like this is going to be. Considering the physical dimensions of most parts, and the sheer number of things that can break, how large is this locker going to need to be? As for sickle sections and such, each operator should keep some of that stuff on hand anyway.

Inventory isn't a cheap thing. Somebody has to pay for it, regardless of where it is physically located.

I talk to my dealer on the program last year ween i read about it in the case IH mag. oil filters and oil is the man thing they are pushing to put in the cases. and other part that you would like to stock. He did not have a hole lot of detail at the time but he was talking they would have to put a service truck in the fleet to service the boxes and the cost would have to be past down to the customer. So in some cases it would be a good thing but in other ways not. But CNH need to come out with more details.

They build a distribution center for CNH part in Cameron MO and maybe that well be wear the service truck well come from. I know sense they put the center up i can get any CNH part in 12 hour or less.

Now most of you well think I don't live by Cameron MO but would be a guess for the guy in this district.
I use to work for a Deere Construction dealer. I was a product support salesman. My old company pushed this for the larger customers. Redinshed is correct, it was for mostly oil and filters but we also included bucket teeth and filters and hoses. The dealer supplied the box and it was my job to check it every month and take inventory. The things that were used they got billed for them. The box was locked and only two people had the key, the main shop foreman and me. It worked out OKAY. There were no EXTRA cost associated with this to the customer. Mainly this was a good thing to have because all of the parts that we knew the customer could use (high wear items), were right there for the customer or our mobile service truck.

Just my two cents....
sorry guys for being so slow we ended up going out last night....

yeah ive seen a picture of it and from the size of the locker i would think oil filters and chains would take up most of it....

looked kinda neat tho....

i heard that deere has a service now where they give you bulk tanks and bring out oil as well take away used oil.........

sounds like a interesting program to say the least.....
We are doing the ready stock program and have given away 40 of the cabinets. If the customer commits to $2500 of fast moving parts we give him the cabinet with a parts inventory list and we contact him once per quarter to see what he needs to replenish his stock. If the customer does not reach $2500 we will sell him the cabinet at a discounted price. Seems to be a good plan. We deliver the cabinets and stock them so we know where the cabinet is and how he wants it organized. We are getting ready to place an order for 20 more for our open house days the end of February.
dadto3, where abouts is your dealership located? Sounds like you are an aggresive CIH dealer. It is great to hear that.
If they really wanna do this, I hope that they will do that in Austria too, though dealership is not the best around here. It will give Case combines a good chance to place themselves better on our market!!!!!
I talked to our dealer today and they did look into it but decided it was too expensive and not worth it....

so i guess i can see there point in some ways

i wouldn't mind buying that cabinet but a cabinet's a cabinet.. lol

also dado3 after reading your post im still interested in one..i might talk to them and see if they match what you explained..

also can you give us an idea on what can go in this?
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