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Hi All,
First time on the forum so please forgive me if I do something wrong! I have a bit of a puzzle with my 2166 serial number. Tried to use it to look up parts on MyCNHiStore using the serial number on my machine and it came back empty? It might be the website but I looked up the wonderful Axial Flow time line on Hoober and see that the 2166 started production in 1995 with the serial number JJC0178501. My combine was a 1995 build with serial number is JJC0176090? Anyone know what I have? it tells me it is a 2166E on the same ID plate? The serial number seems to be way too early for the timeline? Also has another number S0176090? Nearly the same number but with an "S"
Any help would be much appreciated.
If your are in England/Great Britain/Europe as your flag shows I am betting there is something with export machines that they have a separate/different serial # range?
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