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CASEIH Prototype Pre 8010

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I heared that before the 8010 and the CaseIH NewHolland merger Case IH combine engineers were working on an equal wheel size combine with four wheel steer unloading either side, a real monster of a machine more capacity than anything around now. Does anyone know if this protoype is still in existance?
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well that's a tad was going to be 25 percent bigger than a 2388 and it was going to be called cbx (some number)

u can seee thh mx,stx,spx,adx ect... they were going to have a promotion labeled the x class or something..

its been awhile but that's what I remember...
when nh and caseih merged... nh told them no way and to take our frame and few other parts and put something togeather...

they also said to take our corn heads and bean heads....we'll take ur magnum and steigers...

I guess it worked....they could have kept there deere head copy and bean heads... was a NH head...which NH copied from deere...

Deere was going to sue but then NH noticed the similarities to there hay equipment they dropped the idea...and parted ways..

The new 3408 corn heads are alot closer to the 1083's...they have supports on the front of the snap'en rolls like the 1083's....

before it was like deere's where it was just kinda hanging there..

I never will understand how kinze got away with copying deere's planters... i know it had to do with the angle of the blades were off by a lil bit or enuff apparently to save there butts..

its good tho... there needs to be more choices than 2 or 3...

Kinze did sue case for the pivot planter design...which they lost..and i and many found hilarious kinze of all people would try to sue anyone over planter design....

Have a good one...
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There was a Pre 8010 prototype that was huge and all Case (no New Holland). According to my boss it would unload out both sides and it also pulled a grain cart behind it, so you could fill a semi in one dump. The unit he saw was very early proto stage since it had no paint. He also said that it's down fall was it had to be shipped by rail, since it was that heavy. Someone out there has to have pictures of this beast.
Met one west of Phoenix (1999/2000 going toward Gila Bend, headed toward the test site. It was covered in canvas and there was an auger out the back that was double folded. Later in the spring was up in central Cal. and spotted a prototype stx with no stickers. While taking pictures, manager stopped and asked what I was doing, through further discussion they had the other protoype combine as I described but would'nt let me near it. They had 525hp, he laughed when I told him I would not take any pictures if he would just let me see it! He said that if he did that it would be all over the midwest, he sure had a good judge of character!! He said this was the first time he has ever caught anyone taking pictures, knowing why there was no stickers. Out there to everyone it is just farm machinery, no questions. Had some interesting stories of different proto's over the years!
Never seen a picture, and I've asked for one several times. I have seen the case's that pull graincarts, though. They are a private build.
I have heard this before on forums and such but have never seen anything in print. I really don't believe it because they are way different. The Kinzie-Deere thing i understand with some parts that are the same and stuff. I can't see anything similar enough in the Kinzie and the Case-IH planters for anyone to waste the time and money to file suit.
From what I remember about the Kinze/ John Deere planter lawsuit and feel free to correct me.......Kinze had just come out with the large rear folding planters and he was buying the row units from JD. He had alot of interest in his planters and JD told him that they could only supply row units for a "few" planters. Kinze goes "all in" and decides that JD had not kept their end of the bargain up and copies the JD unit. Kinze hires (better) lawyers than JD and meets JD in court. Kinze explains how JD treated his little blue Iowa company and it turns out that JD's finger style pickup unit has been documented/patented many times before. Kinze wins. Kinze sends out full size glossy multi-page color mailing to everybody on anybodies mailing list bragging about how they whipped JD in court.
I can tell you a story about a prototype Massey Combine here in the UK about 12 yrs ago, it was red and gray no decals, it was being used on a farm up from were I lived, went armed with Camera, but the guys demoing it stopped me, BUT the best bit was yet to come, it broke down, the main engine ECU went **** up and it would not run, it stopped right next to the road, it was there for 2 days, so I just took pictures in the evening, still got them some were.
By the way it was the Large Dronamburg combine MF were trying out. it was in production about 2 years later.
yeah that was right... the university of iowa had the patenet or someone so it wasn't a deere invention....that's what saved them... thanks for refreshing my memmory that all sounds right...
their is a caseih patent for a auger that unloads off both sides and a folding auger. public information in the patent office
This unit still exists, it is locked in a building in New Holland, PA where the cnh combine engineering group works out of.
I believe the planter design was actually an Iowa State University design that JD used. Since ISU is a public university, that would make all research and development public property - hence Kinze could use the exact same design if he wanted. However, I do believe there are some VERY minor differences. Case heads have been their own, not NH's. I do believe they're going that direction with the new ones, however. I know the new platforms will be NH designs, and that the new corn head (at least one I had experience with) had yellow paint under the red when it started wearing off.
yeah a 2208 is a nh head... did nh drop the blue case 1200 line? I heard of really low sales and they dropped it..
when I was in Colona Il a few years ago working on the `10,s updates I talked to a retired engineer that had worked on the pre 8010. It was all case ih of course. When I heard about new `88,s series I thought maybe they were bringing ideas out of moth balls but not really. I never saw pictures but the machine definetly exsisted
18010 The guy that told me about it seen it in Arizona aswell case ih did alot of their tractor testing down there, would like to get into that newholland building in PA ,there must be photographs of this combine out there, i agree anything physically bigger than the 8010 could be a bit hure to transport by trailer but could be done for sure
Back in 1998 Case had a show at a local air museam showing all there new kit, they had a combine there that had the small wheels front, large drive wheels at the back and the unlading auger central to the tank so it could unload both sides, this is the one and only time I have seen this combine, I did not see it working that summer as I was on the harvest run in the States, can any other Brit or European remember this combine?
CaseIH Flagship combine engineering is in New Holland, Pa, the Midrange combines are engineered in Davenport, IA The combine of topic is not a myth and was very innovated, perhaps too much for the New Holland guys who took control of the CaseIH combine development.
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