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Ok.... 2188 header calibration problem is solved now and I know the procedure quite well. Before this problem occured though, I ran 3 days with the row head attached and then out of nowhere, I get the code "Hdr P2" that shows up in the "A" post window. My book says:"Open/short-Reel/Ratio Speed Control circuit failure. Reel/Ratio Speed will be 33% for reel speed and 1:1 for ratio speed" In the fail mode colume, it says "D1 (4)"

I'm running the " Minium reel speed ratio knob" under the arm rest lid fully counter clock wise and the header control mode switch in the "manual" position and the "Reel speed selector
switch" in the corn head position.

What has went wrong and where do I need to go to fix the problem? After start up, it might be 1 hour before the code shows time, might be 15 minutes. If I'm stopped and unloading and the code is flashing at me, turn the key "off" and then back on and it goes away, but after the time frame mentioned above, it will come back! I know I can get rid of the code in the window by pushing the "alarm" button BUT the d**n flashing light indicator at the very top of the "A" post that has a picture of the header and reel stays on and is VERY annoying!

Sorry for being soooooo long winded but wanted to be as thorough as possible. Can you give me any ideas? Thanks
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