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Hello Dears, here I show you the Cameco 405b Im doing a resto mod.

I short history, this one was bought by my grandpa back in the 80, He swaps a Mack engine and used a military gearbox with transfer case. My father made some mods to it but it had always a problem that the transfer case had different ratio between axles, so we have to use smaller tires at front. Some years ago my father did some mods, he bought some parts from a Caterpillar 120h the cabin at the rear now front and hood. He put a manual transmission Eaton 9005 and a separated transfer case, (we call here divorced). But the transfer case had a missing part, and he never found it.

This year I decided to finish the tractor, so I found a transfer case from a military truck man, we swapped in here, having some issues but so far so good, I would like to post here my concerns about it, and please give me your advices.

Other mods I'm doing, installing an intercooler, that engine a Mack 676 is something around 280 hp in that configuration, with the intercooler It will push to around 300 but more important fresher and steady constant air pressure because more volume, because longer intake.

Installing a hydraulic pump at the transmission, to have hydraulics and third point hitch.

Duals, I am thinking about 20.1-38 or anyone you could recommend for this tractor.

My father told me that they use the steering pump from the Mack engine, that gives a slow turning and hard turning, once they used smaller rams but they got bloken so i need is more hidraulic force

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