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The hex shaft under the cab with the throat drive chain sprockets on it, right?? No need to remove the feederhouse if you have the right tooling. Jack up the RH drive tire and remove it. Remove the connector links on the feed chain and remove the chain from the throat. Remove the RH drive belts and remove the large sheave/slip clutch assembly from the pivot shaft. Open the access covers at the top of the feederhouse and remove the floating shaft shield between the sprockets. Then remove the locking/retaining setscrews OR the long thru bolts that retain the chain sprockets to the hex shaft itself. (Depends on the age of the machine which method of sprocket retention is used......a torch will be needed to loosen loctite on the setscrews.) Use a big hammer and make sure sprockets will slide back and forth on the hex shaft. On the left side of the drive shaft, remove the 1/2" bolt/retaining washer on the end of it and re-install the bolt by itself...maybe one an inch longer would be good. Use a port-o-power jack (or short bottle jack) and lay in there sideways and press the shaft out towards the drive tire you removed using the wall of the combine frame to press against. Be sure to use a thick plate(3/4" to 1") about a foot long or so to press against this wall to prevent damage. May have to use torch to warm up the LH brg inner race to allow the shaft to press thru it. Replace both brgs when reassembling and make note of any spacers or MISSING lock collars on bearings......if there wasn't a lock collar there before, use loctite when going back together. I've done several of these over the years and never once removed the feederhouse.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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