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changing viens

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what is the easiest or least difficult way to change rotor viens. reached up in there today and it feels like they are bent over so i guess i'll change them.
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Re: changing veins

Personally .....I would leave working on the "veins" to a good vascular
If you want to work on the vanes, then you might consider pulling off the feeder house & then pulling the rotor:

.......especially if you are close to cone time.....check the right side
of the cone for wear ( left side of the frame in this snap) away with murder on this one, thanks to a little help from some hard surfacing. Years ago we would have pulled the cone &
had it the recommendation is to run it to destruction, then replace with........

.....a few less bruised knuckles and blue words hurled about the

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Quote:98J, take a look at the Kile Mfg elephant ears. Have a custom cutter friend up in Garfield WA that used them last year and loves them. I'm getting a new set in March.

Yo Wamag!! We have been using Dyco's......and 'Steep' adds a little
art work with the wire feed for good measure. A snap from back in

How many inches of "Global Warming" do you have on the ground
up there????
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'Steep' got tired of patching on the cone, and he was getting scared
of the rotor cage, so......we went for the whole enchilada in '06...
pulled the rotor, cone & cage. Looks pretty bare with all the guts

We could have run the cage a season or two more, but the cone had
to go, so 'Steep' talked the boss into springing for the whole 9 yards.
Shouldn't have to back inside for a long time.

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If you do end up pulling the rotor Dan, take a good look at the feeder
chain & spks......way easier to swap out the sprockets with the feeder
house on the deck. A snap of a simple stand set up. 'Steep' talks
about building a classier version with wheels so we can scoot the
feeder house around.

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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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