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chopper speed up kit

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Is anyone running a chopper speed up kit from Precision Farm Parts? Maybe a picture or two? No instructions in my kit and not sure what I need to make it fit. Thanks
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Maybe look at a picture of the stock setup on agcopartsbooks? From the pfp website it looks like you remove the factory pulley and replace it and the belt and the stuff included in the kit. Looks to be a pain if you switch it alot where a slow chopper speed is required.
You will have to move the panel latch to the front side of brace to clear the larger pulley.
Agco is supposed to release the chopper speed up kit like what is used on the super 8 series. The PFP kit requires more monkeying around when changing from slow speed to fast. I was just hoping AGCO's kit would of already been released, but I am told sometime late August before available.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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