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CIH 1660 lights

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Hello! New to this forum. New to combines to be perfectly honest. It is a long story but I own one now and have done one read thru on the manual. Keep it handy for reference. What I am currently doing is trying to make a new to me combine ready to do some corn this fall. My project this week is to get the lights all working. I am running continuity checks on the harness as light operation is not 100%. My question is, which of the lights on the machine are "headlamps" . I am thinking the four above the windshield or maybe two of them but need to know as I understand the others will go off when switch is set for road travel. Any help appreciated!

This is a CIH 1660, early serial number group. Thanks!
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The four lights above the windshield and the amber and red lights should be on for road travel. For field work the four above the windshield, one mounted on the grain tank, one on the unload auger, and the red lights on the back should be on.
you said "Headlamps" the 2 lights in the center are hi low head lamps but maybe that is only later models the out side in front are flood pattern.
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