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Claas 980 cab noise

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A few weeks ago we took delivery of our first Claas, a new 980 and have ran it about 10 hours since then chopping rye. We've been impressed overall with the machine, with one exception, cab noise. Compared to our Krone 1100 that we still have, the Claas cab noise is excessively loud, an annoying whine. So much so, that to hold a conversation with a rider sitting 18" away, one has to talk rather loudly, whereas in the Krone, one can almost literally whisper and hold a conversation. I must say that I was very disappointed with that part of the chopper. The rest of the machine, looks like Claas has Krone beat, but not in the area of the cab, in our opinion. The door rattles when it latches shut and doesn't latch nicely. Visibility is poorer looking out front and definitely to the right and left. Without starting a brand war, is this poor cab normal for a Claas machine?
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Alot of the claas's I've driven have had excessively loud cabs, and I drive a John Deere..
I have heard its something to do with the new style drum, when there is stalky grass going through them (ie your rye grass) they hit a certain frequency that is a bit of a white noise. I have heard of a few foragers round here going back to the dealers to have more soundproofing fitted so it might be worth talking to yours, as with your door rattling, the cabs are near air tight, if you open window at the other side and give a good slam, they a lot better.

I agree with the whine, we have a deere, kemper it is nearly silent in the cab, put the pick up front on and you'd think there was no soundproofing, amazing difference.
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