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Hello everyone,

we are thinking of buying a 2007 Claas Jaguar 900 Green Eye Type 493 with a damaged Mercedes OM 502 LA engine. 3500 drum hours, 4000 engine hours. The current owner is the second owner and a contractor, seller says the machine has only harvested maize for him. They suspect a piston seizure / jamming of a piston. From what I have heard of the Mercedes 502's in the Jaguar 900 often suffer from broken admission valves / intake valves but I don't know if that is true. In both cases a complete engine rework is necessary.

1. I was wondering if anyone else driving Claas Jaguars 492 / 493 with the 502 V8 engines experienced similar issues?
2. I am curious to know with how many hours yours failed, what exactly failed and what repair costs I have to expect in the worst case?
3. Is there anything else that has to be considererd besides the engine repairs / engine replacement? The engine failed during maize harvest (therefore it is still full with corn) under full throttle, maybe some belts that don't like these kind of hard stops or anything else that I am missing here?

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