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Cleaning combine interior

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Hi everyone; I'm new to the Combine Forum. Just bought a 1951 Massey Harris 26 self-propelled combine (or 'reaper-thresher') and am studying both it and the manuals right now. I'm new to grain growing, and have never actually laid hands on a combine of any age before. But it's never too late to learn something new!
The interior of my combine is wet, with lots of soggy debris (dirt, dust, chaff, dead mice, mouse droppings and urine etc.) I'd like to remove. But there are no access panels on or near the lower end, so while water will probably trickle through the seams, the debris has nowhere to go. The smell is almost overpowering and I must do something. What do combine owners, even owners of newer ones, do each summer? There's always going to be debris from last year, mice are guaranteed to find their way in......I sure wouldn't want to use a combine without an annual cleaning first!
I forgot to mention that this machine was hit by heavy rains while being transported here from Saskatchewan. It sure wasn't built to be water resistant! Paul
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Not familiar with a 26 but could you pull the sieves to get you closer. Try throwing it in gear while running a water hose in there. Safely of course.

If you're working around mice make sure to get a GOOD dust mask.

Doesn't help you this time but, when you're done just blow it off and put it under a roof. Especially a classic like that.

Any pictures by chance?
Thanks for the advice! I'm building a shelter right now, and have set up a fan to circulate air throughout the machine. That seems to help. But if hit by unexpected rain, the interior is incredibly difficult to dry out. The manufacturer just didn't think of that, I guess. Part of the problem is that debris accumulates inside, and absorbs water to form 'mud'.
Yes, I'll post some photos when I get the chance to take some. This combine is a real beauty and I do plan to get it in tip-top mechanical shape for actual use.
As far as GOOD dust masks go, I would recommend RZ Mask. They are comfortable, inexpensive, and most importantly they work great! check them out at
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