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CNH/ Flexicoil Fan sensor

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Any other options out there for a fan sensor for a Case/Flexicoil 3580 air cart other than OEM? Still backordered again and now $300+.
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Pretty sure it was always the same sensor on the fan as on the wheels. And I thought this same sensor was used on the old pull-type sprayers as well for ground speed. As far as I remember they were always at least $300.

I built my own sensor that worked on the old sprayers but last I tried it on the air cart it didn't like it, but that might have been because the real problem was under voltage from a failed alternator. I guess you could build one and try it. They are basically bog-standard PNP hall effect sensors with some added circuitry to let the monitor detect shorts and missing sensors.

See "ISO-compatible" Speed Sensors. You'd want to use the PNP inductive proximity sensor and a normal NPN transistor. The sensors themselves are quite cheap. For example: Adding the circuitry takes a bit of soldering.

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It might work, it might not. Perhaps I just have the resistor values not quite right.
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