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i believe it is the air restriction code. But i will check at work tomorrow for sure. Check your wires to your air switch on the intake pipes. Check your aftercooler for cracks, because I think it is an overheating code and it derates your combine for a short time

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47e code is displayed. Engine may have low power
air temperature sensor is closing at too low a temperature.
Air flow thru air-to-air intercooler is restricted.
Wiring on air temperature sensor is grounded causing false signal.
Poor intercooler efficiency.

Most combines have the 47e code in the ecu memory so other
causes can be causing the low power along with the 47e code.
Clear out the codes and with the combine in the barnyard running
without load see if the 47e code reoccurs. If the code occurs
then a wiring problem with circuit 114 is likely. If the code only
occurs in the field under load then poor cooling or other causes should
be investigated

blow out radiator and intercooler so air flow thru intercooler is
improved. Place cooling fan on the high speed sheave groove.

Unplug connector on sensor. Sensor is on air intake tube between
intercooler and the intake manifold. If the 47e code still
occurs with the sensor unplugged then continue with additional
electrical checks below. If the 47e code does not occur then
the sensor should be replaced.

The combination of wrong parts that will cause a customer complaint
is the low horsepower intercooler installed on a higher horsepower
engine. The low horsepower intercooler has a flange to flange
thickness of 4-3/4 inches. The high horsepower intercooler has a
flange to flange thickness of 5-7/8 inches. Use the engine product
identification number, measure the thickness of the intercooler, and
the following chart to determine if the correct intercooler was
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