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Code coming up (on)

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While harvesting, I had a code come up on my tachometer. It only appeared the last day I was harvesting. It showed : "SEU1". What does this mean? I could not find the definition for this code anywhere in the Technical Manual. When I would push a button (for instance, ground speed), the new function would be displayed, and "SEU1" would go away. Thanks in advance for the help.

*PS* I did install a new tach..does that have anything to do with the code appearing? The new tach. I installed is a 2-display (screen/function) tach., while my old one was single display.
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Hello txfarmer, yes it does have to do with your new tach, but nothing serious, it means your 50hrs grease interval is up, also you should see sev 2 ,which is 100hrs service.Too clear, with key off press lower left and upper right on tach. [buttons] turn key to on , this will reset grease intervals enjoy deere fever.
Thanks for the help! I am glad that it is something simple like that... +1 for the help, pard!

Good to hear from you..somehow..some way..I lost your email addy. If you still have mine, drop me a line. We have some catching up to do 'bout crops & all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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