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We used our neighbors 2003 2388 + 2206 head to finish our corn. What would be a fair per acre rate to pay him.
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We had to rent a machine to finish harvest, our 2006 motor went out, dropped a valve seat. We had 180 acres or so to finish so we rented one from dealer, had to use his head as ours was not a tracker type. The 2388 cost was 120/hour(engine hour) and 7/acre for the head.
I also had to rent a machine from my local dealer when my 1682 started on fire do to the top drive going out on her a complete right off. It cost me 160 bucks an rotor hour for a 1996 2188 . ended up paying 4800 dollars for 30 hours. then the insurance company payed me back so worked out pretty good i guess, know i am on the hunt for a used 2188. I have heard that custom rates are around 25 bucks an acre if that helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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