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Concave readout on 7010

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My concave readout always used to read a number between 0-25 with a decimal place. Our dealer updated the software on a couple things... not sure what all got updated. But know my concave read still reads from 0-25 but no longer shows a decimal place like it did before and my dealer said it is now suppose to read in actual mm and go from 0-80 or something. I am assuming my dealer didn't update something and that is why this readout is wrong. Makes it hard to make adjustments since going from 7 to 8 is a big adjustment and I can't see the decimal place anymore to fine tune it from the cab.
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I belive if your concave has been calibrated 8 should be 1"
each whole number = 1/8" change
Metric system software 25mm = 1"
What was so wrong with 0-8???? our 6088 was different this year too and i hate that...
You can still see the decimal under the ACS screen. The new version software has both mm and the old system 0-25. Mother case doesn't recomend the mm for 10 series combines & the dealer wouldn't change mine to mm. The starting point for the metric system is whatever number the metric box end wrench is that the cob will go thru.
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