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Concave rub bars

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The Farmers Weekly article "Top Tips to Boost Combine Harvester Output" suggests using rub bars (up-turned rasp-bars) to the front two concave sections to enhance threshing rather than using the de-awning plates which reduce separation area without offering more effective threshing.
Can some one tell me more about these rub bars. Are they available for a TX66? What is the part number?
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The article states that the de-awning plates don't offer more effective thrashing which is not
right in my experience. There is an obvious difference when they are shut in hard to thrash
wheat and I have used them in the odd hard to thrash soybean field. The reduced capacity
if barely noticable. I always have on set closed in wheat and sometimes both sets. When
only one is needed I close the rear one which causes a bit more gentler thrashing than
closing the concave clearance. It is hard to tell what machine they are using in this
article. It looks like the article came from the UK where they have some New Holland models
that are not available in Canada. Checking the online New Holland parts diagrams online ,
the CX combines have 84095829 DEAWNING SLATS that can be bolted to the front of the
concaves. You could try them if you want to experiment. You would need to make sure that
they do not hit the cylinder.
To see them go to

Click on search for parts
Type in CX

Look in the accessories section under DEAWNING SLATS

You can look up the price at a dealer in the US here

They are about $54 US dollars each.
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