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Congrats FarmerTony

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I was just on your website and I noticed that you have had over 136,000 hits on it now. I know that it is not a major benchmark (150,000 or something) but very impressive none the less for almost four years.
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Always enjoy checking out your pictures, projects, and video's.

Whats up with jlase's video being removed from youtube. It is your Harvest 2007 video. Something to do with a third party copy right claim??
Thank You for looking at it!!!
When I started back in January of 2005 one of the things that Tony and I discussed was putting a website together. I had just helped start an other harvester's website. Tony has some great equipment and I like to shoot photos, video, and work on the computer so it worked well. I would also like to thank the good people from Case IH, Deere, and Cat for building such exciting equipment! Getting to watch the 9120 and 16 row all fall was pretty fun as well!

I would as like to say congratulations to FarmerTony on 25 years of marriage yesterday!


Oh, and the videos were pulled due to the music! Were going to have to watch it, I might have to go back to just good'ole farming sounds!
I knew you were going to get in trouble for that as soon as your videos started hitting the hundred thousand views mark. I always use public domain music on all my videos so that youtube cannot say boo.

Yes, your farms website is most excellent and is what inspired me to make one of our farm. While it is still in the infant stage some day I hope to build it up to something like what you manage.

Farmertony and Jlase, Guess when you do some more videos of the farmin the '' Radio in the tractor cab will have to be turned up'' with your song of choice while doing the Videos. Then I guess someone would have to have the radio station shut down ;
... Geeeez if the bands don't want us to hear their music ,don't record it and sell the frickin CD's. Keep up the good work.

Youtube will gain a heck of alot of space on their main server if they remove any video put to music!!!!!!
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Jlase, please just forget the music part, unless yu can find some classical which is always PD. Repost those on You Tube.
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classical music?you mean like CCR or Zepplin or something???

also ac/dc called and well there pissed....they love your combine but there not happy with a mr farmertony..... plz call youtube and tell them to remove that video

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johns the guy that does it, I just provide the content. didn't know about the videos being pulled. if you own the CD can't you use it? I hoped to inspire some other farms to put up websites.
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