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We bought a 32’ Seedhawk in 2002 with an on board 350 bushel tank (with valmar metering). We quite liked the drill and the fact that we could pull it with our CIH 4694 (22 GPM hydraulic flow). Other than the residue issues with our 10” spacing.
By 2012, our acres had grown to 4500 and we were unable to cover them all with our 32’ Seedhawk. We were also getting tired of the poor canola root penetration due to the “hard pan” that formed about 2” down. We don’t have much topsoil (brown soil zone).
So, we switched to a JD 1870 Conservapak. Of course, I was told it would be way less maintenance and solve all of our problems. They lied about the maintenance. We pull it with a 375 quadtrack chipped to 480 hp. We have pretty insane hills and rarely make it over 4.6 MPH. It only has a 40 GPM pump. The JD 1870 does go through way more residue than our Seedhawk did (but is 12” spacing vs. 10”) and has made our soil more mellow, but we feel it costs us a lot in dry springs when it doesn’t rain in May or June or July. I know nothing grows a great crop under these conditions, but we feel the Conservapak is much worse than our old Seedhawk. The fact that the fertilizer knife is 4” deep to make the soil more mellow brings up large lumps in dry years and breaks up any possibility of the seed ever reaching soil moisture below unless there is a serious precipitation event ( >5 mm) which seems to be an elusive event on our farm until at least the end of June for the last 4 years. The packer just can’t pack enough with the little moisture we have.
Therefore, we are considering going back to a Seedtwin. Seedmaster this time around with 12” spacing. Just wondering if this will have much better trash clearance than a 2003 Seedhawk with 10.5” spacing. Also, looking at on-board tanks again (seed and fertilizer with the Valmar) and 70’ wide.
So, I guess four main questions.

1) Does a 2012 Seedmaster with residue deflectors and 12” spacing have way better residue clearance than our old Seedhawk? How about compared to Conservapak?
2) Will I hate the double on-board tanks with the valmars at rear of machine vs. front with old Seedhawk? Sounds like plugging runs might lead to more walking.
3) Does 70’ of SeedMaster pull much harder than a 56’ Conservapak sunk down 3.5”?
4) Will our tractor with only 40 GPM hydraulic flow run a Seedmaster with on-board tanks which is 70’ wide?
Thank you very much for replying. I have read every post on Seedmasters on this forum already.
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