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Constant speed not working

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Hello, we just bought a new-to-us '99 8780, it has constant speed rotor, but doesn't seem to work. I can adjust the speed with the toggle switch so that part works. I took the cover off console to get to module, it has the first two lights are green, the third flashes yellow like manual says is normal, but no red flashing codes at all on the status light. I also noticed someone has cut the gray/pink wire coming out of module that I believe comes from rotor speed sensor. If that wire has been cut why wouldn't I get some kind of flashing code on module? Making sense of someone else's electrical "fixes" makes my head hurt.
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reconnected wire

Hey Northernfarmer, I reconnected the wire and it seems to be working, I varied the engine rpm and rotor adjusted itself accordingly. It still makes me wonder why someone purposely cut that sensor wire, maybe I'll find out eventually.
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