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I'd say almost 99.99999999 percent it is pirated, and it won't be cheap either. But then unless you intend to actually use it a lot, I wouldn't recommend even considering it. A family member purchased all the top software loaded onto a laptop thru a guy from Grande Prairie that was advertising on Kijiji a few years back. Of course there is no real warranty, updates or anything, you get what you pay for. But if you are working on several different makes and models of newer stuff at $100 plus an hour and can use it, then yes it works until things change and you need new software. Usually most complete laptops run around 8K. Between his laptop and my old OTC software, there isn't anything we can't get into. The software is not the end all to be able to work on those engines, you still need all the manuals and diagnostic charts ect. And no you're not going to be uprating horsepower at whim either. Don't work that way, but for most diagnostic and repair work, it is all good most times;)

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There is a guy on kijiji out of Saskatoon right now selling laptops with a bunch of software for $2500. Has anybody bought from him? I was awful tempted to but had a bad gut feeling about it.
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